Half Beef Deposit ($250.00)

Whole Beef Deposit ($500.00)

Current Beef Availability

The demand for our whole and half beef is at a rapid growth due to current COVID 19 issues within the food supply chain, we are doing our best to keep your orders filled and booked within a timely manner.

We are now taking advance deposits of $500 on wholes and $250 on halves of beef to be processed during Spring and Summer months. Bulk beef is provided in the order deposits are received, so contact us soon to get on the list!

Below you can select your option and pay your deposit.  We will contact you after receiving your deposit and discuss your options for processing and when to expect your beef to be ready. 

When you purchase a whole or a side of Mountain Top Cattle Co Beef, the processing company can customize your order according to your cut preference. For example, if you desire special cuts or would prefer more stew meat and less ground beef, or beef patties instead of one-pound packages, or if you would prefer a thicker cut on your steaks, just let us know when we contact you.  Upon paying your deposit we will be in contact with you within 48 hours to get your product and order in motion.