Welcome to Mountain Top Border Collies, we breed and sell dogs from some of the best working bloodlines in America and Canada. These dogs and bloodlines are tested and proven true time and time again. They have excelled in both trials and in real world working conditions out on the ranch. They have to be able to work those aggressive cattle efficiently with high confidence before they can be of the Cow Dog Rank! The breeding program here is centered on crossing only those genetics from proven males and females. Our dogs have to have a great temperament to people foremost and we like a great athlete with good structure. Our intent is to produce intense, well framed, biddable dogs that can work for you!

Thank You to Steven McGee of White Oak, Oklahoma (Left Female)  "Freckles"

John Adamson of Seneca Rocks, WV (Male on Right) "Jake"


"Tia"Thank You to Andy Korb of Oxford, OH on this female pup "Tia"

Thank You to Sam Riggs of Rushville, IN on the purchase of this male pup "Chuck"


We are expecting a new litter due around January 1, 2017  Gabe x Ally, be sure to get your pup reserved soon.  $500