In 2012 Mountain Top Cattle Co expanded the operation to include direct from farm to plate beef sales.  Our MTA branded beef program provides an all natural beef product produced locally.   At Mountain Top Cattle Co our mission is to raise family-farm grown meats in a healthy and natural environment.  Providing delicious food for you and your family is our full-time business and passion.  If you are searching for fresh beef raised right on the farm, you have come to the right place. At Mountain Top Cattle Co, we raise our own cattle without adding any growth hormones.  We can ensure you that we take great care in providing beef that is minimally processed without additives. We also know that cost is important to you, so we try to provide a superior product at a reasonable price. This is not a hobby for us, it is our lifestyle and business, I have been in the farming world all my life and we are working diligently to build sustainable practices to last another 100 years and more.  It is of the utmost importance to us to treat our land, our animals, our community and our customers with respect and care.  Everything begins with the soil and it is a rewarding opportunity to leave the environment better than it was before.  We are dedicated to raising our animals properly.  To us this means a clean, spacious, low-stress environment; a wholesome diet of primarily locally-grown feedstuffs; and feeding no hormones or antibiotics.  Our cattle are not tightly grouped together but are given ample room to

in an unpampered, commercial man's environment to ensure they will work

Our program continues to use the best AI sires in the breed along with some of our best homegrown sires. Our goal is to raise bulls that will add pay weight to your calf crop, and leave you with the best replacement females available. Our ultrasound data has proven our herd to be at the top of the breed for carcass quality.  Our purpose is to provide the best Angus genetics possible to our customers so they will be successful in producing beef for the consumer at a profit.  The bulls and heifers are sold at private treaty – first come – first served basis.  We know as a commercial producer you sell your cattle based on weight and how they look (quality). Whether it is in the auction market or on the rail this is how value is determined. This has been the basis of our breeding program from the beginning- Quality & Performance. You will select from only the best cattle. The bottom end has already been culled. Our cattle are raised


any extra help and weans a big calf every year. With this in mind, we continue to develop a very high-performing and efficient cow herd.

Eighty purebred Angus  cows, a hundred-seventy commercial cows, and an occasional visit from a white-tailed deer, coyote, bald eagle, wild turkey, grouse or pheasant can be found on the property. Mountain Top Cattle Co prides itself on farm/ranch raised bulls, not feedlot bulls, for the commercial producer. The bulls are fed on the farm/range with plenty of exercise which results in athletic, lean muscled, structurally correct, good footed animal which enables the bulls to travel and cover a cow herd without resulting in a meltdown that occurs with high intake corn fed feedlot bulls. The bulls are handled in a natural environment that is conducive to the longevity of the useful life span of the bull, which cattlemen, cattlewomen, and bankers appreciate.

WELCOME TO MOUNTAIN TOP CATTLE CO, LOCATED ON THE MOUNTAIN TOPS OF EASTERN APPALACHIA IN VIRGINIA and WEST VIRGINIA, encompassing many small towns around Bath County, VA and Pocahontas County, WV. Mountain Top Cattle Co  is dedicated to producing Angus genetics that will have a lasting, positive effect on the beef industry. Performance, maternal and carcass merit are all important to success.  Mountain Top Cattle Co is nestled in the heart of eastern US prime cattle country. Lush native bluegrass grass, timothy, orchard grass and clovers, fresh water and mountainous pasture range paint the perfect picture of an operation that is basically what many call newly started in 2006, by a young man with a strong vision and endless dream. Today it continues to grow and expand its demand across the United States gaining friends, fans and new customers that place a strong reliance on the program.  We are continuing to develop a leading Purebred and Commercial Angus herd. Our philosophy is to raise fertile, lowbirth weight, high maternal, low maintenance Angus and  Angus Influenced Cattle with extra muscle, fleshing ability and performance. This means a cow that doesn’t need

Ben, Kinsley, Lane, Kayala, Jaryd and Colten 


move around and exercise getting sunshine, fresh air, water, and exercise.

 When we are caring for the animals we always treat them calmly to maintain

a peaceful environment!  

for you.  Responsibility, we accept the responsibility of providing you with only predictable quality genetics. They must meet our standards before they can meet yours. Our success depends upon your success and we expect our cattle to work for you. We stand behind them 100%.  Ranching and raising Angus cattle is our living.  It’s what pays the bills!  We love it, we live it and we put a lot of hard work into it.  Some of the most satisfying rewards of raising Angus cattle are meeting and getting acquainted with such wonderful people.  You are welcome to come visit                                                                                                                                                anytime.

Our beef is fed one of two diets depending upon the customers preferences.  We raise cattle on primarily a grass based diet but also offer a corn based diet for cattle if the customer desires that as well.  We meet the USDA’s Never Ever 3 guidelines: 1-never been fed or given Antibiotics.  2-never been fed or given Growth Proponents.   3-never been fed or given Animal By-Products.   Mountain Top Cattle Co raises its animals in a natural environment guaranteeing quality steaks, burgers, and roast as our mission. All of our harvested animals are raised from birth with the sole mission of producing a FARM FRESH product that is much higher in quality than the norm. We have a strong commitment to our community we support local youth organizations FFA and 4-H as well as many other school and community oriented activities.  We work with neighboring farmers to supply the hay, corn and straw that are needed above what we harvest on the farms ourselves.  We offer different beef packages for our customers you can order a whole beef or half beef depending upon your needs!